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Hidden Secrets of Florida Springs

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There are over 1,000 freshwater springs in Florida, more than any other region in the world. Native Americans worshiped them as sacred, while many visitors today regard them as enchanted. Not only do these springs fuel rivers and nurture a wonderland of plants and wildlife, they flow from an aquifer that provides drinking water for 90 percent of Floridians. Their value for recreation, real estate, and potable water is measured in billions of dollars. Florida would suffer an enormous aesthetic — and economic — loss if its springs were degraded.

In the forthcoming film, Hidden Secrets of Florida Springs, we will explore the mysteries of these springs with rare footage — revealing labyrinthic limestone chambers, rare and endemic animals, and prehistoric fossils of mastodons and other Ice Age animals. But it will also bring to light more treacherous "secrets" that show how the flow of major springs has been steadily declining over the last 50 years, and why the once pure waters are often clogged with nitrates. The most closely held secret is that humans may have done more damage to our magical springs in the last half century than others have done in the last ten thousand years.

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