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Feds’ water grab is coming, and we might deserve it

Filed under: Latest Updates,Water Issues — Stacey at 8:21 am on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

…a very interesting editorial from the Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel

At stake is the right of states to turn their lakes and rivers into snot.

Florida, which has been doing this for decades, has become the test case for what would be a major expansion of Washington’s power as the feds plan a pollution crackdown.

If the intervention here succeeds, the Environmental Protection Agency will invade other states.

This is all part of a pent-up demand for green power from Washington, stifled under George W. Bush and now unleashed by Barack Obama.

The EPA already has moved on air pollution with proposals to regulate carbon dioxide and increase limits on ozone.

It has conquered the air and now comes the water.

Call it socialism.

Call it cleaning up the place.

Call me conflicted. [Read more…]

Will Wekiva Parkway’s first toll be $30,000 per septic tank?

Filed under: Latest Updates,Water Issues — Stacey at 7:32 am on Monday, September 28, 2009

Will this be another “govt. solution” or are we willing to really examine what it means to take personal responsibility.  If you live in the basin,  will you take action? We’d like to hear …

Orlando Sentinel
September 25 2009

By Kevin Spear

Will Wekiva Parkway’s first toll be $30,000 per septic tank?

Homeowners near Wekiva River fight upgrades that foes say cost too much, but state disagrees

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — Central Florida’s most fought-over environmental issue this decade — building an expressway across the Wekiva River — appeared Thursday to be at the brink of a major battle that could scuttle plans for the road.

The fight is about how best to stop pollution from seeping out of household septic tanks into the river.

About 60 top environmental regulators, water managers, real-estate experts and homeowners met for several hours to resolve an impasse over proposed new requirements on household septic tanks thought to be steadily poisoning the springs flowing into the Wekiva River. [Read more…]

Water district taking $25M hit for halted Glades reservoir work

Filed under: Water Issues — Stacey at 10:21 pm on Thursday, September 10, 2009

We may not know who gets the water… but we’re getting an idea about who gets the money.

Miami Herald
September 10 2009
by Curtis Morgan

Water district taking $25M hit for halted Glades reservoir work

Water managers are ready to pay a contractor $12 million not to build something.

And they consider it a really good deal.

“It’s the best we can do under the circumstances,” said Mike Collins, a member of the South Florida Water Management District’s governing board. “We were potentially on the hook for $26 million.”

The proposed settlement is part of a $25 million hit the district will take for halting construction of a reservoir the size of Boca Raton once touted as the keystone of Everglades restoration. That was before Gov. Charlie Crist announced his controversial land deal with the U.S. Sugar Corp. last year. [Read more…]

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