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On Discovering New Springs: The Comfort of Relic Lyrics

Filed under: Florida Nature — Stacey at 4:41 pm on Monday, November 30, 2009

by Bill Belleville
(reprinted from Florida Nature)

The long black strip known as SR 46 is an asphalt blur as it rolls across two northeast Florida counties, only dipping conspicuously when it approaches the river valley. I have entertained myself by reading bumper stickers on the vehicles that appear and disappear in front of me. From a battered pick-up: “Barrel Racer, Cowboy Chaser”. And from a large American sedan: “Beer: Helping White Men Dance Since 1942?.

I thankfully exit the volley of traffic at the entrance to the Seminole State Forest, driving in past the self-pay kiosk and pick up Steve, who is ready to unlock the combo on the cattle gate across the dirt road, as soon as I give him the number. I have most recently finished writing a new book, and Steve has finished teaching a grad course on Bartram. It has been months since we have hiked together, and when Steve walks to the lock, he claps his hands, as if in gracious applause of an impending performance. [Read more…]

From the “Edge” to the Flatwoods, and Back

Filed under: Florida Nature,Latest Updates — Stacey at 1:54 pm on Monday, September 21, 2009

(reprinted from Florida Nature)

It was Sunday and I had the flatwoods to myself. No wonder: I’m guessing this may one of the most under-appreciated eco-systems in all of Florida.

Nonetheless, it’s one I’ve come to love. I beat a quick path from the grassy lot where I’ve parked, back beyond the shard of a longleaf forest, into and then out of the hardwoods of oak and maple, and finally, back to where the true natural world begins. That “quick path” usually takes about fifteen minutes and covers a half mile, maybe more. It allows me to leave the “edge” behind—those ragged places where our protected natural lands nudge up against heavily-traveled roads or busy plazas. Blue jays and starlings, which seem equipped to live almost anywhere, squawk at the edges; but the wrens and warblers sing their gentle songs deeper in. [Read more…]

Salvaging a Literary Memory: ‘Naturalism’ Excavated off the Florida Coast

Filed under: Florida Nature — Stacey at 6:27 pm on Wednesday, September 9, 2009

(reprinted from Florida Nature)

Writer Stephen Crane had to wait three months in the port city of Jacksonville, Florida to sign onto the S. S. Commodore as a working seaman at $20 a month.

By the grace of good fortune — and good technology — it took me only a week to get on that same ship. But the conditions under which we both “boarded” the Commodore were striking in their differences — not the least of which is the fact he walked on the ship when it was still above water.  Nonetheless, as I was to find, there were some commonalities.  [Read more…]