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Bear attacks Heathrow man outside home

Filed under: Latest Updates — Stacey at 7:19 pm on Saturday, October 3, 2009

It was bound to happen, sooner or later… even in a “gated” community

Orlando Sentinel
October 2 2009
Susan Jacobson, Sentinel Staff Writer

Bear attacks Heathrow man outside home

A Heathrow man who thought he heard raccoons rummaging through his garbage got the scare of his life when a Florida black bear attacked him, he said today.

David Amsler, 34, took a golf club with him when he went outside on Sept. 26 to frighten away what he thought were raccoons near his garage.

It was dark, and Amsler couldn’t see much at first. But he soon realized that several bear cubs and their mother were helping themselves to a meal from his garbage can. Before he knew it, the 400-pound adult bear was after him. [Read more…]