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Feds’ water grab is coming, and we might deserve it

Filed under: Latest Updates,Water Issues — Stacey at 8:21 am on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

…a very interesting editorial from the Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel

At stake is the right of states to turn their lakes and rivers into snot.

Florida, which has been doing this for decades, has become the test case for what would be a major expansion of Washington’s power as the feds plan a pollution crackdown.

If the intervention here succeeds, the Environmental Protection Agency will invade other states.

This is all part of a pent-up demand for green power from Washington, stifled under George W. Bush and now unleashed by Barack Obama.

The EPA already has moved on air pollution with proposals to regulate carbon dioxide and increase limits on ozone.

It has conquered the air and now comes the water.

Call it socialism.

Call it cleaning up the place.

Call me conflicted. [Read more…]