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documentary films which inspire a sense of "place" through stories and images


Equinox Documentaries, Inc.

We help viewers understand and appreciate nature and how it shapes our view of the world around us by descriptively telling the stories of “place”. To do so in the format of a documentary allows us to consider how others have been historically shaped by the energy of nature. This energy—hidden in the grace of our rivers, the magic of our springs, and the mystery of our wet-dry terrain—can inform our sensibilities. It also can fuel the “natural capital” of our economy in ways that are still being understood.

In a time when we are rapidly losing our cultural landscape at an alarming rate, we believe it is particularly urgent to tell these stories so viewers will have the opportunity to make better informed decisions about sustainability of nature and place.

Although we specialize in broadcast films about Florida and the related bioregions, we transport these stories to a broader audience because of the universal appeal of our themes.