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IMW Crew

In Marjorie’s Wake Crew

  • Bill Belleville: Producer and Writer
  • Bob Giguere: Producer, Director and Videographer
  • Leslie Pool and Bob Giguere on the WekivaLeslie Poole, Educator, Writer: On-Board Trip Participant
  • Jen Chase enjoys lunch on the WekivaJennifer Chase, Educator, Musician, Playwright: On-Board Trip Participant
  • Tom Postel: Videographer
  • Mark Howerton: Audio
  • Jason Boone, UCF Senior – Television Production: Production Assistant/Intern
  • Mike McGinty: Boat Captain and Production Coordinator
  • Bill Randolph: Still Photographer and Production Assistant
  • Ann McGregor: Production Assistant
  • Lyndsay Daughtrey: Production Assistant
  • Michelle enjoys tea on the lakeMichelle Thatcher, Conservationist: Production Assistant
  • Pete Henn: B-roll Boat Captain
  • Duff Swan: B-roll Boat Captain
  • Fred Hitt: B-roll Boat Captain
  • Heather McPherson, Food Editor, Orlando Sentinel: Cracker Cook