Florida may be tame for the tourists who come here in search of a theme park experience or a safe white sandy beach. But all those who want to sample the real adventure have to get off well-traveled roads and feel the authentic excitement of discovery. One of the best ways to do this is to explore it by a kayak — to get "Off the Map."


Imagine shafts of bronze morning light filtering through a green foliage canopy like sunlight through a stained glass cathedral window.

Imagine a sudden noise that breaks the silence from the underbrush — was it a bear or a bobcat, a deer or wild turkey?

Imagine peering into the crystal clear water under you to see alligators, gar and West Indian manatees.

Imagine a day when the Timucua and the Calusa and the Tequesta harvested the richness of the rivers to sustain their existence.

Imagine pitching your tent on an old Indian mound as the stars or a full moon illuminate the night sky.

Imagine fly-casting for that large bass or red fish that will be cooked over your campfire.

Imagine sliding your kayak in a narrow slough or a broad inland bay and paddling for hours as you navigate intimate meanders or white-capped coves.

Imagine capturing the perfect photo that memorializes a special natural Florida moment forever.

Imagine a program that can show you how to realize all of these dreams.

This is Off the Map, a dynamic action-filled multi-part broadcast series of 30-minute programs, each of which explores an exceptional Florida waterway by kayak.