Equinox Documentaries brings the music, images and words of our work to your home. These items are available as a thank-you gift for your suggested donation to our organization.

In Marjorie's Wake (DVD & HI-DEF BLU-RAY)

In Marjorie’s Wake retraces the 1933 journey of Pulitzer-winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings on the St. Johns River. The film follows modern day adventurers Leslie Poole and Jennifer Chase as they explore the same route Rawlings wrote of in the “Hyacinth Drift” chapter of her non-fiction novel, Cross Creek. The film also examines the many ways in which the river has shaped culture over time.

BLU-RAY In Marjorie's Wake is available on high definition Blu-ray for your donation of $25 and includes a complementary copy of the In Marjorie's Wake companion CD of original music inspired by Jenn Chase's journey on the St. Johns River. Shipping is also included.

DVD In Marjorie's Wake is available in standard definition on DVD for your donation of $15.00 (includes shipping and handling).

In Marjorie's Wake (CD)

If the idea of retracing Rawlings on the St. Johns whets your appetite for nature-inspired art, check out the music CD that Jennifer Chase produced for Equinox. Entitled In Marjorie's Wake, the CD has ten songs written by Chase and performed with guitarist Goliath Flores. Songs range from the sublime ("Calderon" and "Lemon Bluff") to the hilarious ("Brickyard Slough") Also included is the IMW "theme" song, "Welaka" — the name Native Americans first gave to the river itself, and "Kubla Khan" which puts music to the Romantic poet Coleridge's poem by the same name.

Click here to listen to a sample from "Welaka" (.aif, plays with Quicktime in new window)

The CD is available for a donation of $5.00 (includes shipping and handling).